IVM Ingo von Minden Ingenieurbüro und Industrievertretungen
Saseler Bogen 10, 22393 Hamburg   Tel.: 040/60012970, Fax.: 040/60012971   E-mail: info@ivm-minden.de 
IVM products
Contoller S3001 	 The controller S3001 has a background lighted LCD - display with 4 lines and 20 characters each (character height 9mm) and altoether 31 keys. The front panel is conducted as a full frontal foil with a protection type IP65. The S3001 has 24 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs with 24v DC/250mA, schort curcuit protected, as well as a serial RS232/RS485 and a RS485 point of intersection. The control can be programmed by a Windows Software in Basic.
Controller S3001
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Ingo von Minden
IVM Ingo von Minden 07.2019
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