IVM Ingo von Minden Ingenieurbüro und Industrievertretungen
Saseler Bogen 10, 22393 Hamburg   Tel.: 040/60012970, Fax.: 040/60012971   E-mail: info@ivm-minden.de 
IVM products
Decoder Dek8/32 	 The Decoder Dek8/32 has been developed to save digital - output - assembly at the SPS. With the Dekoder Dek8/32 you can actuate e.g. 255 lamps or rellays with only  8 digital outputs. Up to 32 outputs per Dekoder move 24V DC each 220mA short curcuit protected with a common ground point.
Decoder Dek8/32
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Ingo von Minden
IVM Ingo von Minden 07.2019
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